Welcome on

You are about the join the best World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 PvP server.
If you are here, it's because you want to know what makes this server so special.

Instant 80

Our server is an instant 80 meaning that you start your experience directly at the highest level to enjoy the high level content of the game.

PvP oriented realm

Our server is PvP orientated. Your objective is to acquire your stuff by doing Arena, Battlegrounds and Guilds versus Guilds You will have to farm honor marks, conquest marks and GvG marks to unlock your equipment. The honor level will increase by doing standard PvP and wild PvP.
We created bunch of quests and events to motivate people to do wild PvP which is really important of the game for us.

High quality of spells

In order to provie the best PvP experience, our team worked hard to provide the most advanced server in term of spell debug. This is aspect has the highest priority on our realm.

Guilds versus Guilds

Warlegend-Project is known for its famous GvG system that allows guilds to fight against each other and increase in the ranking. The GvG will allow players to get PvE gear. It's an automated system that create enormous fight between guilds. We developed a npc that allows you to register your guild to send auto invitation to new players to join your guild.

Regional Ranking

We are proud to introduce another exclusive system that will allow you to fight for your region. Indeed, we added the tag beside players name : FR for French, EN for English, ES for Spanish and RU for Russian.
Those regions are apt to be extended to new regions if the population allows it. We created a ranking page of weighted average of each region. You will be able to represent your region in Battlegrounds, Arena and Guilds versus Guilds!