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Warlegend-Project (WLP.gg)
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Live update

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Been working on the website today:


  • New background and few css fixs
  • Fix twitch link to your profile (https://wlp.gg/profile/)
  • Rework how to join to allow people to download patchs directly from website
  • Add Mac tutorial (english only)
  • GvG Ranking: Add last session score change
  • GvG Ranking: add restriction information,
  • GvG Ranking: Add live points details when session is open
  • GvG Ranking: Only show active guilds
  • Add 5v5 Ranking and resize tab
  • Add Server Time and Server Uptime on home page
  • Update feature on home page



We have fixed most of the recent issues we had with the launcher (antivirus, lang issues)

  • Add description
  • Remove admin rights
  • Upload on multiple antivirus platform to make them check our launcher
  • Fix issues with non english/french windows
  • Rework patch update system (not deployed yet)

Core - DB

Work done yesterday

  • Add fast start arena on Blades's Edge Arena
  • Make auto guild invite cross faction if needed
  • Change few settings on GvG (see GvG topic)
  • Prepare for new items (T10)


Tomorrow I will take a look at Eye of Storm and Vmaps that have few issues related to new content we added to the server

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