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Guilds versus Guilds - Restricted Test session + Modification

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Dear players,

Tomorrow 9pm, we will try something on the Guilds versus Guilds. Indeed, we are always looking to improve the system and we had a lot of complains during years about the system. The first thing that will change starting tomorrow and won't be put back is : You won't be able to teleport to your HQ if it is contested.

That's why we decided to try tomorrow for 1 session (at least) :

Every HQ will be restricted to 5 players per guild meaning that the maximum total amount of players per guild is fixed at 25 which seems reasonable for our current population. It should balance fights and allow smaller guilds to participate. 

This session won't count meaning that we will rollback GvG stats at pre testing session but we strongly encourage you to participate to give us your feedback.  

We hope that you will appreciate those changes and we will get something interesting from it.


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