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Hey everybody,

I here to presents and discuss few idea and project we have planned to integrate on WLP.gg in the future.
The main objective here is to get your point of view on those ideas and see what we could change and in which order we should apply those things.
I am not talking about new battlegrounds and arena as this will be added anyway so those projects are side things we want to add to the realm.

Note: Those task won't effect the spell debug work flow or the main issues we are currently working on. Mosts of those systems will be developed aside by other members of the team.

Transmogrification system rework
With the incoming addition of new extension content such as mounts and items, we think that transmogrification system needs to be reworked retail like. This means that transmogrification are linked to your account and in order to unlock a transmo, you need to earn the item. This is only possible if we add content because for the moment, there aren't enough items to make this system sustainable for us.

Arena system Rework
We are currently re integrating our solo queue system we had on Battle for Azeroth. It will allow players to join arena without a group AND will open 1v1 Arena BUT in our opinion, WoTLK Arena system is really outdated and a rework could be very interesting. The idea is simple : You don't need to create teams anymore, you only tag as group or solo and have a solo & group rating. It is a BFA like arena system. 

Battle Royal System
Once in a week, players can tag on a NPC by group of 3 (or solo) to join a queue. At event start, all groups of 3 are teleported on Quel'Danas island without stuff and spells rank 1. Players will be able to improve their equipment and spells by opening chests and doing some kind of missions. The zone will be FFA and decrease in size like in every battle royal. The winner team earn rewards. We can also increase the honor rewards in the zone for example so every kind of adjustment is possible.

Guilds versus Guilds Scoring System
We will rework our scoring system to make it more clear and understandable for you. We will also change session points rewards to give a better incentive to attack HQ. 

Arena (& Battlegrounds ?) fast start
If (enough) players click on an object in the Arena / BG, the timer before start is decreased to make the action start quicker

Exclusive Rewards by MMR
Players would get access to exclusive rewards based on their MMR in Battlegrounds, Duels, 2v2, 3v3, and Guilds versus Guilds. 

Arena Gambling
When an Arena match start, you will be able to gamble Shop Points on the results with other players. You add for example 1 SP on this match for the team X and if a player accept to add also 1 SP on the team Y, the winner gets everything.

This list might get extended in the future so we invite your to check it frequently and interact with us here.


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