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Warlegend-Project (WLP.gg)

WLP.gg - New Battlegrounds & Arena

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Dear players,

We are happy to introduce you what is coming on WLP.gg in the incoming days: New Battlegrounds and Arenas.
Assisted by a talented World of Warcraft Model editor, we have already been able to import and make fully work 2 new battlegrounds and 2 new arena maps.

What does it means for Warlegend-Project?

Wrath of the Lich King has always been a special extension for us and for you. The only weak point in our opinion is the lack of new content because after 10 years of exploitation, most players have experienced everything. That's why, we decided to start working on the introduction of EVERY existing battleground on World of Warcraft on WLP.gg. We started with Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria as you can imagine but we will apply the process to Warlord of Draenors, Legion, Battle For Azeroth and even Shadowlands. We will mainly take Battlegrounds, Arena but we are thinking about taking a new map for our Mall and also items for transmogrification and mounts.

Warlegend-Project is going fun?

No, WLP.gg remains a PvP competitive server with custom content meaning that with this process we will simply increase the content available to you but won't change the core gameplay. 

What does-it mean for me as a player?

Basically as a player, the only thing you will have to do is to use our launcher to access the server. Indeed, you will be able to log in without our launcher BUT your in game experience will probably disastrous. Our launcher will update your game with our edited content BUT won't touch your initial game meaning you will be able to play on other servers with the same game. (even if you might won't to after the release 😜)

When will this content be available?

ASAP! We will try to deploy everything this weekend but no guarantee. We are currently extracting the last arena (Tol'Viron) and will finalize all the tests to make sure we make a clean release. As soon as this content is released, we will start working on Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines and Deepwind Gorge. 



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