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GvG Season 1

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Hi everybody!


I am glad to share with you a big news for WLP.gg. Indeed, after a week of opening, configuration and fix, we are ready to start the first season of our Guilds versus Guilds system!


How does GvG briefly works ?

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 9pm (GMT+1), 5 flags will appear on different point the map during one hour. Guilds can capture the flag and fight with others guilds to earn points. One HQ has a restriction of 5 players from the same guild to allow small guilds to participate and start their adventure.

We are streaming the sessions on Twtich so you can see how it looks like here : GvG test session


What is so unique with our Guilds versus Guilds ?

As you will see on the stream, the size of the fights and the tactics behind this system are HUGE. Climbing the ranking is hard because some Guilds are really experienced with very skilled players so it's a new challenge for everyone who likes PvP on Wrath of the Lich King.


Season 1 details

The first GvG season will start on November 13th at 9pm (GMT+1). We won't change points/score settings neither players restriction on HQ. Winners will get ingame bonus but we are preparing extra rewards. Our goal will be to increase the prize pool season by season to make this event take a new competitive meaning.


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