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  1. Liste des personnages récupérés : Tiliass Dreamox (Lexlyr) Dixs Charliesheen Rhao (Zarthar) Blacktank Chassøne Neshae Ziggy Nyäla Lightenning Personnages non existants.
  2. Bonjour à tous, Suite aux nombreuses demandes, nous allons lancer une seconde vague de récupération. Comment récupérer mon personnage ? C'est très simple, il vous suffit de répondre à la suite de ce post avec les informations suivantes : L'email de votre nouveau compte sur WLP.gg Le nom de votre personnage à récupérer (Facultatif) Le nom de compte utilisé dans le passé (Facultatif) Des screens de votre personnage en jeu Voici ce qui sera retiré à chaque personnage récupéré : Les items Quelques titres Quelques montures Les récupérations auront lieu chaque vendredi soir. Soyouz.
  3. Voici la liste des personnages récupérés Bébésoleil (Druidouu) Xenoh Mixiø Roaroaroar (Biogoret) Hyø Rawthang Phase 2 :
  4. Soyouz

    Death verdict hero

    Le non ajout de ses bijoux est pour le moment volontaire, ils seront ajoutés plus tard.
  5. Soyouz

    Oubli enchantement d'arme

    Enchantement ajouté.
  6. Soyouz

    Patch 1.3

    Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=51490 (Shaman) Fix shield specific auras should be removed, disarm shouldn’t remove them tho (War) Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=49206 (DK) Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=48160 (Priest) Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=34433 (Priest) Fix pet shouldn’t try to always get behind on player linked units (All classes) Fix region guilds name Disable morph in cross faction BG Fix and update arena rewards PvP Tokens globalMarkWinnerCount =6 globalMarkLooserCount = 3 Honor globalHonorWinnerCount = 800 globalHonorLooserCount = 500 Fix battleground rewards PvP Tokens globalMarkWinnerCount =8 globalMarkLooserCount = 4 Honor globalHonorWinnerCount = 1200 globalHonorLooserCount = 400 To report any problems you may encounter in game please go here : https://wlp.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/38-report-spell/
  7. Soyouz


    Bon retour parmi nous 🙂
  8. Hi everybody! I am glad to share with you a big news for WLP.gg. Indeed, after a week of opening, configuration and fix, we are ready to start the first season of our Guilds versus Guilds system! How does GvG briefly works ? Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 9pm (GMT+1), 5 flags will appear on different point the map during one hour. Guilds can capture the flag and fight with others guilds to earn points. One HQ has a restriction of 5 players from the same guild to allow small guilds to participate and start their adventure. We are streaming the sessions on Twtich so you can see how it looks like here : GvG test session What is so unique with our Guilds versus Guilds ? As you will see on the stream, the size of the fights and the tactics behind this system are HUGE. Climbing the ranking is hard because some Guilds are really experienced with very skilled players so it's a new challenge for everyone who likes PvP on Wrath of the Lich King. Season 1 details The first GvG season will start on November 13th at 9pm (GMT+1). We won't change points/score settings neither players restriction on HQ. Winners will get ingame bonus but we are preparing extra rewards. Our goal will be to increase the prize pool season by season to make this event take a new competitive meaning.
  9. Soyouz

    Patch 1.2

    Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=1044 Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=20252 Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=605 Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?item=9172 (GvG/BG) Fix https://wotlkdb.com/?item=35506 Fix arena reward Fix realmlist security level Fix Interfaction issue Fix crashs Add anti-cheat Add honor at end bg Add command for leave in arena watcher Add Restriction HQ arak 5players maximum (from the same guild) Add NPC T8 with same prices than S6 Add script NPC Shop Zone Add some GPS on the guard in the Shop Zone Add NPC convert Tokens => Honor Add NPC reset elo 1v1 and battleground To report any problems you may encounter in game please go here : https://wlp.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/38-report-spell/
  10. Voici la liste des personnages récupérés Furiousbass Elrula Maykhou Darkcrow Gourcuff Zorlok Gehennas Warock Rism Paido
  11. Aucun personnage sur ce compte, Warpdlolz existe sur un autre compte, avec un played très bas.
  12. Soyouz

    Patch 1.1

    CORE : Fix Reward BG Fix Transmogrification Fix FFA crash Fix of the wedding ring/horn medallion in BG interference Fix FFA aura Add a malus in case of left BG Add of teleportations in the teleporter Add of FFA zones Add of TP in the FFA zones FFA pop-up deletions if in arena or BG GvG : Fix of HQ location and addition of a map on the site (https://wlp.gg/ranking) Fix of healing Fix aura flag Fix aoe/pets damage Fix teleporter faction Add of internal CD to teleportation in owned HQs (20min) DB : Mapping npc defender Fix of Jewelry NPCs (Add PvE to NPC T7) Fix of NPCs Glyphs (Correction of non display of some glyphs) Component now stackable Recovery of more than 70 old characters Added a transmogrification list not available for purchase Finalisation of various translations Adding GPS points on the guards Improved guard scripting Correction of the range of the guards aggro range Up from the HP of the guards Spells : Fix Grounding Totem https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=8177 Fix Shadow Dance https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=51713 Fix Revive Pet https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=982 Shop : Add of transmogrification in shop point (see specific subject) Correlation between online shop and game Fix https://wlp.gg/shop/ Visual : Creation of a custom patch to see all the prices at stake : https://wlp.gg/download/ (file to download and put in your client's DATA folder)
  13. Hello Everybody, In order to help you understand what is and what is not possible with the NPC transmogrification, we suggest that you read the information below. Afin de vous permettre de comprendre ce qui est possible ou non auprès du PNJ transmogrification, nous vous proposons de prendre connaissance des informations ci-dessous. First of all it will be possible to transmogrify you in 2 ways: Tout d'abord il sera possible de vous transmogrifier de 2 manières : With PvPToken's : One item off Set - 120 Tokens PvP One Weapon - 200 Tokens PvP With Shop Point : One item off Set - 3 Shop Point One Weapon - 5 Shop Point Legendary weapons will not be available at this time. Les armes légendaires ne seront pas disponibles pour le moment. PvP sets will be reserved for transmogrification in arena and GvG (coming soon). Les Set's PvP seront réserver à la transmogrification en arène et en GvG (à venir plus tard). Each transmogrification will be possible for only one item. If you change your item you will have to buy the transmogrification again, it cannot be saved. Chaque transmogrification sera possible pour un seul item si vous changez d'item vous devrez racheter la transmogrification, elle ne pourra pas être sauvegardée. From Vanilla to Woltk Depuis Vanilla à Woltk Soyouz.
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