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  1. Greetings dear WLP Web Surfer, The presentation template: Name: Age: Country: Hobbies: Short description of yourself:
  2. NOTE: Applications have been closed for the US region as well. I am sorry to announce that no one has applied for this position! Hopefully next time you guys will take into consideration this opportunity! Let's keep it positive! :-)\ Kind Regards, Railek WLP Head Game Master (US Region)
  3. NOTE: You can apply in the Applications sub-forum of this THREAD. If you have any questions, feel free to add me on discord; my ID can be found in the initial post! Wish you the best of luck! Kindest Regards, Railek WLP Head Game Master (EN-US Region)
  4. Greetings, You can call me Railek as displayed on the forum. I am part of the WLP project since the beginning of the BfA project. I started as a Game Master there, older members might remember me. I got promoted to Head Game Master for the US region recently, so I will be here to answer any questions. I live in Romania, and will offer support to our English speaker members, I am soon to be 21 years old, and I work in customer support for the HP brand. I have experience by being an old player of World of Warcraft, started playing around The Burning Crusade. I do solidly hope you will enjoy your stay on our community! Cheers :3 !
  5. Greetings and thank your for opening this thread, We are looking for English speaker members (US region) for QA (Quality analyst) position. QA Recruitment: What is it all about ? The job of a QA member is to verify the integrity and fully functionality of abilities, spells mechanics of each class, finding so called "bugs" or issues regarding their class followed by forwarding this malfunction. The Forwarding process will be discussed after you've got the Rank. Pre-requisites: Minimum required seniority: 6 months of playing a class in World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lichking (WoTLK) expansion (3.3.5a) Minimum age: 18 years old Good English capabilities both written and oral Possess a working microphone, as well as having a valid account on the Discord software. Past experience as a QA (World of Warcraft related) is considered an advantage but NOT mandatory. 2. Written application: The written application should be a short presentation of age, your time-zone, your availability (at what hours and how much you can offer to test, or be online if needed), past experience (regarding PvP/PvE), and what was/were the class(es) that you have played in WoTLK (3.3.5a). NOTE: Please send your application in a PDF format on my personal Discord ID: Railek#2649, or you can directly type me from our Discord server. 3. The Interview: The Interview will be the last step of the selection process. If you meet our expectations, I will personally contact you via a Discord DM, with information about the hour, day and what will be discussed during the process. After the interview in 24 hours, you will be contacted with an answer regardless of a positive or a negative one. Good luck to each one of you applying to the position!
  6. The Dynamic FFA will be amazing, that's where everybody's skill will glow up ! 🙂
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