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    @MeebzOn ne t'a pas oublié c'est bien récupéré Les récupérations sont closes pour l'instant. On pourra en effectuer de nouvelles après le lancement (quelques jours après)
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    CORE : Fix Reward BG Fix Transmogrification Fix FFA crash Fix of the wedding ring/horn medallion in BG interference Fix FFA aura Add a malus in case of left BG Add of teleportations in the teleporter Add of FFA zones Add of TP in the FFA zones FFA pop-up deletions if in arena or BG GvG : Fix of HQ location and addition of a map on the site (https://wlp.gg/ranking) Fix of healing Fix aura flag Fix aoe/pets damage Fix teleporter faction Add of internal CD to teleportation in owned HQs (20min) DB : Mapping npc defender Fix of Jewelry NPCs (Add PvE to NPC T7) Fix of NPCs Glyphs (Correction of non display of some glyphs) Component now stackable Recovery of more than 70 old characters Added a transmogrification list not available for purchase Finalisation of various translations Adding GPS points on the guards Improved guard scripting Correction of the range of the guards aggro range Up from the HP of the guards Spells : Fix Grounding Totem https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=8177 Fix Shadow Dance https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=51713 Fix Revive Pet https://wotlkdb.com/?spell=982 Shop : Add of transmogrification in shop point (see specific subject) Correlation between online shop and game Fix https://wlp.gg/shop/ Visual : Creation of a custom patch to see all the prices at stake : https://wlp.gg/download/ (file to download and put in your client's DATA folder)
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    Guilds versus Guilds schedule is moved to 9pm GMT+1
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    Voici la liste des personnages récupérés Misha Wtfimnoglad Héclésiã Demook Hapx Liramar Rhallan Bloodkorn Biizøunøurs Exnileur Krynnen Fatasia Krizs Woots Superpapy Libra Ikarian Knøs Soyouz.
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